Monday, 11 July 2011


Bowsers retirement home is finally open he is at 3 corners playground near Exmouth mkt, I didnt make it to the opening but am sure he scared a few of the kids with his motion sensored water canon.


Akira from Gropes with the new stem, the stem will be available to buy on a custom bike collaboration from Tokio Bike, Gropes and Mechanical Alchemist. The bike is or was on display at Family Tree on Exmouth mkt sorry my blogging has been so slack.


Welded and braised, waiting for cleaning.

Grinding out so drop bars will fit.

Strange engineering thingys + an unlucky stem to be mutated.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Hey there pops happy 60th,
my Dad used to work at the Austin 7 workshop in east London and spent many years playing with vintage Austins so i thought it would be nice for him to have a small part of a lovely little car.

I managed to get hold of a very worn and buckled radiator cowl, the crome was pitted so i sanded and blasted it back to reveal a lush lump of brass that i polished. I decided not to lacquer this as i think it will look nicer as it patinas.

I used a kickstart from an old motor bike for the crank handle and knocked up an engraved filler cap, i then had some glass cut and voila a personalised wall mounted mirror.

Any how thanks for a great evening, nice one pop.

Monday, 17 January 2011


I am working on a new lamp inspired by scissor lamps and luff cranes.
Made from bike cranks, Skate board trucks and engine parts this industrial beast has an adjustable height thing going on and would be a perfect desk or table lamp that attaches to the wall and would not be taking up valuable desk space.

It is secured in its 2 heights buy a piece of bike chain, i did try it with 2 chains that you could put at any height position but it became over complicated and i think you would only use the 2 heights.

Have hours of sanding and polishing to do but it should look pretty slick when all shiny.

The shade is made from a Francis Barnett motor cycle engine [that has not been damaged and could be put straight back on the bike, just like most of my vintage engine shades.] and an aircraft grimes light, i am hopping that light will shine into this as there will be 2 bulbs when finished......

I am hoping my friend will be opening her cafe/bar soon so i have somewhere to put all of my fabrications.